Friday, November 22, 2019

Out Today: The Crystal Apes - TCARMX001 [Intrauterin Recordings TCARMX001]

As announced on these pages earlier this month baze.djunkiii's very own imprint Intrauterin Recordings is about to unleash the first remix single and first ever vinyl release by Hamburg's long time standing underground band outfit The Crystal Apes today - November 22nd, 2k19.

The eights vinyl release by the label coincides with its 20th anniversary since its first inception back in 1999 and is another step forward in the set goal to transform Intrauterin Recordings from a single underground imprint to the mothership of what is to become the Intrauterin Recordings Label Group in the future, a transformation meant to happen slowly but steadily over the course of the next years.

Meanwhile the latest, limited to 200 copies vinyl is available through record stores & online mailorder services worldwide, via Otaku Records / Hamburg and or directly on the Intrauterin Recordings Bandcamp page.


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