Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Old Castle - Old Castle [Alrealon Musique Promo]

Released via the experimental music outfit Alrealon Musique on October 4th, 2k19 is the self-titled debut album by Old Castle, a trio formed of Robin Storey, Robert Pepper and Shaun Sandor which have been, mostly in duo formations, collaborating ever since but never as a full group of three. Together, they're bringing forth a distinct vision of experimental electronic music, clearly informed by Drone, Illbient, Uneasy Listening and Unambient, introduced by the intense and well creepy opener "The Thing In The Window" which provides swampy, gooey low end movements and alarming, cold midrange notes whereas the follow up "Sing -ing, Til My Life Ends" introduces the dark, beat driven aspect of their work which defo will be highly appreciated on Cold Industrial floors of the future and "10 Skulls" pairs up repetetive Electronica / Phonk beats with desolate PostPunk guitars to a great, well hypnotizing greyscale effect. With "Singing Is Not My Destiny" the trio explores what seems to be a looped banjo motif paired with a spooky, highly haunting sonic backdrop evoking memories of vintage sci fi horror flic scores, "Psych" takes ritual music for meditations into space before "Purple Monsters" caters the most captivating minimalistic, bleepy Phonk for highly advanced dancefloors this album has to offer and the "Trial In The Hoodoos" is as fever'ish as it is powerful with its hard banging, multi-layered electronic tribalisms and dark, spine-tingling atmospheres. Furthermore "Cowboy Hood Dreams" are made of bass signals creeping up from the darkest subsurface vaults, nervous beat structures and psychedelic morphed echoes of echoes of vocal fragments whereas the "Color Of The Sky" is defined by buzzing, hectic background movements, a slow 4/4 pulse and electric, ever progressing spiralling low end movements which are surely about to have the power to alter one's state of mind if experienced on repeat for a while. "Singing On The Moon" sees Old Castle getting into most desolate, yet beat driven isolationist music accompanied by re-processed guitar experimentation, "Colors Like The Rainbow" are as chromatic as the ethereal synth motif played atop of ever repeating banjo loops and spatial, haunting atmospheres whilst the "Wolkewaffe" transmits a quite unexpected take on warped instrumental Desert Blues and the concluding "Wise Old Owl" harks back to morphed Ambient and Deep Listening Music for a still pretty much unsettling closing. Good stuff. Check.


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