Monday, November 18, 2019

G.A.M.S. - G.A.M.S. [Karlrecords 071 Promo]

G.A.M.S? G.A.M.S.! The freshly formed duo consisting of Andi Stecher and Guido Möbius saw their first ever self-titled album put on the circuit via Karlrecords on September 27th, 2k19, alongside a longplay unrelated additional 7" vinyl on which the two musicians teamed up with long time standing Hamburg icon Felix Kubin. Relying on a combination of live drums, feedbacks as well as partly looped electronics and samples for their overall production and performance process we see G.A.M.S. teaming up with vocalist Yuko Matsuyama for the albums opening cut "Tremslo", creating an ethereal, floating piece of ritualistic, inward looking Future Tribal subsequently followed by "Flatter", a true anthem for highly advanced dancefloors whereas "Economics" deals with driving, syncopated rhythm signatures of ever growing intensity whilst muscular guitar feedbacks turn into a nerve wrecking source of power and ultraforce for those who love their experimental music exploring more extreme territories. With "Ruma" G.A.M.S. are entering straightfoward, partly even technoid and ravey 4/4 realms which, if really created in a 100% electronic way, could be traced back to producers like Matthew Herbert or DJ Enrique in terms of provenance before both "Yanari" and "Fraktat" are featuring the legendary Mick Harris of Napalm Death-, Scorn- and Quiot-fame on production, with the first tune bringing forth highly seductive, death-infested Illbient grooves straight outta your most favorite slasher / gore score whilst the latter indulges in a cold, threatening, brooding sci-fi atmosphere, working its way towards a short, eruptive and chaotic drum-led climax before drifting into and disappearing in the hostile, unexplored endlessness of outer space, leaving the borders of our solar system way behind to hibernate in neverending darkness and rancorousness. Recommended.


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