Saturday, November 30, 2019

Jean-Philippe Gross - Reflex [Eich 002]

Put on the circuit on September 5th, 2k19 via his recently launched Eich imprint is Jean-Philippe Gross' "Reflex" album, a thirteen tracks and thirty minutes exploration of the classic Serge analog synthesizer system consisting of tunes recorded in the five years timespan between 2013 and 2018. Inspired by the idea to go back to the elemental basics of electronic music production and the approach of the very first electronic studios we experience Jean-Philippe Gross' use of the 1972-invented modular system in a raw and unprocessed format, bringing forth loads of dry, very scientific and sterile sound bleeps and clicks as well as gushing eruptions of Noize, ghostly signals whirring back and forth through the stereo field whilst cuts like "Volley Fire" even evoke memories of growling tectonic movements on an Industrial scale whereas pieces like "Weave" could be interpreted as faint, distant remnants of transmissions originating somewhere far out in the unexplored exoterrestrial space of the future. Cuts like "Close Fitting" dig deep into crackling, near static Noize territories, "Reflex #2" twists the shit out of the instruments high frequency range and "Holliday Maker" introduces a thrilling, more percussive take on what a Serge can do. Great stuff, this - not only for die-hard fans of modular synthesis. Get.

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