Monday, November 11, 2019

Peter Cusack - Aral Sea Stories And The River Naryn [Corvo Records Promo]

Released via Corvo Records only recently are Peter Cusack's "Aral Sea Stories And The River Naryn" - a conceptual album piece dealing with the environmental catastrophe that is the close to full disappearance of the named Aral Sea, formally known as the fourth largest body of water on earth. Taking on this topic from a conceptual angle we see Cusack presenting an array of condensed, yet largely unprocessed Field Recordings captured throughout his various journeys to the area, including weather phenomena like storms, everyday life scenes, Folk songs or microsounds recorded at close range as well as other mechanical noises - all related to the topic of water or ice and explained in detail in the albums press release and liner notes. Defo a specialists release aiming at both environmental activists as well as, and more specificallly, sound librarians and collectors of Field Recordings.


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