Sunday, December 29, 2019

Gabriele Mitelli - The World Behind The Skin [We Insist! Records 007]

Put on the circuit via the Italian label We Insist! Records on November 8th, 2k19 is Gabriele Mitelli's latest musical outing "The World Behind The Skin" - a musical four track journey stretched over a total runtime of 45 minutes. Opening with "Trip To The Abysses" we see the artist undertaking a trip to the darkest vaults of sonic realm indeed, equipped with an array of instruments including cornet, soprano sax, alto flugelhorn, electronics, objects and voice which are all dismembered and reassembled, processed and relayered to build a haunting golem of Noize, Drone, remnants of UnAmbient and intense electrical buzzing which is totally different than what one might expect in the first place - at least until a certain FreeJazz madness takes over in the final minutes of this very first track. With "Just Take Another" Mitelli explores more dark Electronica in conjunction with clanging metal pieces, probably field recorded cutlery, hypnotizing vocal loops and longing, yearning Jazz elements, "The Fisherman's Prayer" is on the noisier, intense and threatening side of the percussive spectrum and surely nothing to be enjoyed by the faint hearted although weighing in a more tender Jazz-oriented vibe further down its runtime whereas the final cut "The Red Sunrise And The Octopus" caters a dark, clean and slowly moving take on droning Ambient, with electrical pulses and sawtooth filters alongside carefully arranged harmonic elements building up towards a closure of, again, electrical buzzing and beautiful static noise for all the true genre lovers out there - defo our favorite track on this fascinating, ever progressing album.

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