Thursday, December 26, 2019

Gintas K - Variations In A-Moll For A Granular Synthesis [Esc.Rec. 065]

Coming in from Lithuania recently is "Variations In A-Moll For A Granular Synthesis", the latest album outing by the ever active experimental composer Gintas K which has been released via the Netherlands-based imprint Esc.Rec. as a limited edition of 300 copies in early December, 2k19. Created, conceptualized and recorded throughout a 2016 artist residency in Estonia the album caters a total of six variations of the title track stretched over a total runtime of approx. 68 minutes, each of them sporting a surprisingly chill and extremely harmonic approach to what is the result of a granular treatment that presents the listener with an end result of a crunchy, grinding and highly digital sounding foundation of what might be described as an Electronica / Glitch resembling beat structure garnished with floating space harmonies and clean, scientific melodic motifs broken down and shattered into gazillions of warped sonic pieces, providing a great variety of detail and excitement over the course of each tracks very own singular development. Our favorite? "Variations In A-Moll For A Granular Synthesis #2".


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