Friday, December 27, 2019

Various Artists - On Corrosion [The Helen Scarsdale Agency 050 Promo]

Celebrating their 50th release since the labels launch back in 2003 The Helen Scardsale Agency have taken on their biggest and most ambitious project so far with "On Corrosion", a limited to 200 copies ten cassette tape box set housed in a wooden box with each single cassette being a full album created by one of the labels artists. The promotional full CD edition sampler condenses this gargantuan project down into ten tracks / excerpts and one hour of runtime opening with "Punkt", a hefty Noise PostRock meets Scanner'esque Field Recordings outing presented by the Swedish Duo that is Neutral, the "Alternation (Edit)" by L.A.'s Pinkcourtesyphone is bringing forth a thrilling variation of sci-fi themed Ambient / Cold Ambient before "A Collection Of Damaged Reel Tapes Loops, Side B (Edit)" by Francisco Meirino merges influences of Noize, Fluxus and Foundsound to a great effect. Following up are both Alice Kemp's "The Headless Saint" and "A Gold Blade To The Back Of The Head" which shine a light on the British composers intimate, spine-tingling Ambient eroticisms whilst Fossil Aerosol Mining Project's "Playing The Instrument As It Decays" provides a well comforting take on haunting off-kilter Ambient and G*Park's "Alles Ist Im Fluss. Die Pure Alchemie. (Edit)" weighs in a brooding, threatening sonic vision incorporating dark ambiance and haunting whispers, scraping and loads of obviously reversed sounds of outerworldly quality . Furthermore "Terminal Ice Wind (Edit)" by Relay For Death indulges in a desolate, masterly crafted Death Ambient / Dark Ambient fusion, She Spread Sorrow's "Star" is based on hypnotic low end pulses, electronic buzzing and cold, haunting Spoken Word storytelling and "I Was Never Here" by Himukalt concludes this promotional sampler on a most brutal and futuristic Noize / Rhythm Industrial note. Excellent.

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