Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Jeff Platz Quartet - Theory Of Colors [Umland Records 026]

Another fresh one released via the Essen-based Umland Records imprint is "Theory Of Colours", the latest thirteen track album effort created by the group known as Jeff Platz Quartet. Comprised of Stephen Haynes, Damon Smith, Matt Crane and of course Jeff Platz the four musicians are taking us on a 13 tracks and roughly 55 minutes spanning ride through their musical universe which fuses Jazz and Free Improvisation in a very specific and interesting manner. Instead of employing an ultra-expressive, often times eruptive route usually explored in FreeJazz, giving way to many solo parts in which each and every member of a group is able to showcase their respective versatility the music of the quartet is hyper-dense, atmospheric and withdrawn, at times even muffled seemingly, to create a more intimate, tender and accessible vibe in which communication is key, with compositions like "Fall Away" bordering an autumnal, late night variation of Jazz Noir which, despite improvisational and free floating moments, could even accompany deep, meaningful conversations whereas the subsequent "The Particulars" presents itself in a stripped down, minimalist yet tense and crime-scenic manner to great effect. Further excellent cuts to check out here are the touching, twangy and kinda haunted short cut that is "Naranja", the suspended, feverish, yet thrilling soundscapes of the "Elevational View" whereas "By Means Of A Spine" fully explores Slowcore Jazz experimentalism led by a very distinct, somewhat even Desert Blues-infused guitar which drifts into a very own tonal cosmos over the course of tune whilst "A Musty Mint" gets as tender and classy as free floating music can get. Recommended, this.

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