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baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2019

01. The Crystal Apes - TCARMX001 [Intrauterin Recordings TCARMX001]
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02. Nazamba - Nazamba [Dubquake Records]
Dub, darkness, intensity. A little bit of conscious Spoken Word wisdom and echoes of Illbient. All blended in a well captivating fashion to create what is to be considered the album of the month for each and every Dub lover as well as followers of the long defunct WordSound label and associated groups like Dubadelic. Excellent and extraordinary.

03. Jabu - Jabu Remixes [Young Echo Records 004]
Is this the most beautiful Post-Dubstep / Post-Garage release of the year? Or even the decade? Dreamy, touching, emotional vocals, heavy basslines and sparse beat structures paired with a distinct late night urban feel as expressed to perfection by albums like Distance's "My Demons" back in 2007 make this one one of the most important 12"es for every serious follower of Bass Music and nothing short of an instant classic. Get!

04. Gilb'r - Lord Of The Basics EP [Versatile Records 128]
French producer Gilbert Cohen a.k.a. Gilb'r delivers a highly sophisticated eight track mini-album with this so-called EP, covering ground in territories such as Synth / (Neo)Cosmic, ChillOut, Ambient Dub, Tribal as well as krautsy, off-kilter Lo-Fi House and therefore presents an impressive, highly diverse showcase of his abilities as a producer. Check.

05. [PUSS 2019 Whitelabel]
A mysterious two track whitelabel 12" of unknown origin. The A-side fuses an excellent piano driven Broken House / Electro crossover with seductive vocals delivered by HipHop / Urban doll Cardi B. to a killer effect whereas the flip brings the heat with a stripped down, percussive DiscoHouse vibe.

06. Driftmachine - Driftmachine Plays Marien Van Oers [Ungehoord 004]
Inspired by a tape release of Dutch 80s underground producer / performer Marien Van Oers and the accompanying liner notes Driftmachine create a ritualistic sonic flow meandering in between the realms of Electronica, Dub and Future Tribal. Performed on a minimalistic note with loads of space in between sounds and an approach of carefully building up soundscapes in terms of adding up one single element after another in a thought out layering process Driftmachine easily dissolve the perception of space and time and take us back into the motherly womb of eons, to a time way before the existance of humans or even multi-cellular organisms was even a dawn at the horizon of time.

07. Umwelt - The Invisible Enemy [Linda 005]
The ever active producer known as Umwelt strikes a chord again, delivering three takes on fast-paced, most brutal and distorted Electro for hardcore genre connaisseurs who already dug releases by labels like Atak Records or producers like Burrito Boys back in the late 90s. This is nothing but robo war music.

08. Ivan Dubious [Nun.Ki.Rec. 007]
Ivan Dubious and his Nun.Ki.Rec. label are back with a new release and this time they're even coming at us with a 12" and four tracks of what I'd kindly describe as Plastic Reggae / Plastic Dub for a reason. All tunes are coming with an undeniably cheesy summer feeling and the gated snares and offbeat licks sound like they've escaped from an 80s Pop studio in dozens. Sounds appalling? Well, these tunes made me smile big time and therefore I do love 'em.

09. DJ Spinn - Da Life E.P. [Hyperdub 124]
DJ Spinn's "You Ain't Really 'Bout Dat Life" taken from his latest 12" release on Hyperdub has been already featured on these pages in mid-October but the Chicago native delivers way more goodness on wax here. "Knock A Path Out" is storming GhettoTech on hyperspeed for dancefloors on absolute fire whilst tunes like "Sky Way", a collaboration with DJ Manny, bring forth an excellent, shuffled halftime bounce for those in the know.

10. [NWHITE 003 Whitelabel]
Information level is sparse on this stamped 12" whitelabel release but the level of thrill is massive. Four tracks of stripped down, pumping, trippy and psychedelic Techno for the darkest hours of your strobe lit dancefloor experience. Imagine the early releases of labels like Elettronica Romana being transfered into a large space, reverberating Techno context whilst still keeping up with the level of detail and advancement once delivered by a genre known as Intelligent Techno. Check.


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