Monday, December 09, 2019

Kongrosian - Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [Aut Records 050 / Oltrarno Recordings 011]

Put on the circuit as a collaborational effort between Berlin's Aut Records and Oltrarno Recordings is the epicly titled and limited to 200 copies red vinyl pressing "Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously" which features four original tracks created by the saxophone / clarinet focused trio Kongrosian on the A-side whilst the remixes on the flip are provided by Thomas Brinkmann, Daniele Papini and Cloud Of Illusions. As the trios composition suggests we see their original floating improvisations gravitating towards a multi-layered approach to Jazz / FutureJazz with a slightly melancholia-infused twist imminent to all their intricate, meandering and interweaving melodies and beautifully syncronized harmonic interplays which makes this one a true fest for every Jazz connaisseur out there. Remixwise we see Cloud Of Illusions slowly transforming "Tensegrity Part II" into a tender, yet dancefloor functional and slightly fuzzed out Techno meets Jazz affair defined by dark, ever rolling basslines, dark'ish Spoken Word passages and a borderline oriental twist whereas Daniele Papini's take on "Mikrokosmos" provides a complex foundation of dry, grooving and ever filtered MinimalTechno / MicroHouse with a distinct swing as well as tenderly hovering pads for fans of labels like Perlon and the likes of. For a closing German Minimal Techno staple Thomas Brinkmann takes on "Tidal Forces" to go full-on experimental, leaving the dancefloor way behind to accompany the melancholic Jazz vibe of the original cut with layers and layers of harmonic, yet intense and metallic feedback Noize for a closing that might be the soundtrack to future nightmares or low budget slasher movies for a reason. Go check!


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