Sunday, December 08, 2019

Moe / Pinquins - Vi Som Elsket Kaos [Conradsound]

To be released via the Norwegian imprint Conradsound on December 13th, 2k19 is "Vi Som Elsket Kaos", the latest musical outing by the ever active experimental Rock group Moe who are teaming up with the percussion experts of Pinquins for this nine tracks and 38 minutes spanning journey in sonic exploration which is inspired by the work of writer, essayist and poet Jens Bjørneboe to a certain extent. Opening with the nightmar'ish combination of ever clanging, field recorded metal pieces or cutlery and thundering barrel drumming as well as brutal riffing and howling guitars all found in "Bjørnenes Inntogsmarsj" the two groups lay the foundation for what's to follow up: Spoken Word, a PostPunk-attitude and more apocalyptic Desert Blues-infused riffs in "Skyggene" as well as the brooding, ritualistic and ancient demon summoning soundscapes of "Det Sorte Hull" which will be appealing to Black Metal / Drone Metal enthusiasts for a reason. With "Atlantis" the album takes a turn towards Punk-infused, ultra intense Indie meets MinimalWave on hyperspeed, "Den Ubehagelige Behaglighet" breaks down into nightmare'ish Crossover / Alternative territories accompanied by dreamy and ethereal, highly retrofuturist melodic counterparts whilst "Applaus" is nothing more than a spooky skit emulating fake audience noise. Furthermore "God Natt!" on the other hand is a surprisingly intimate lullaby lead by spaced out non-vocalisms, crystalline sounds and brooding, sub-surface levels of madness, "Drømmen" brings forth intense, hypnotic (Neo)Cosmic synth pulses and more tense, sci-fi leaning vocal recordings mixed with military drumming before the concluding cut "Før Hanen Galer" surprisingly jumps towards what can be roughly described as Polka-infused, 50s or 60s happy party music for a closing. What a combination. Excellent stuff.

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