Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Kryshe - Continuum [Serein 021]

Freshly released via the Welsh imprint Serein on October 18th, 2k19 is "Continuum", the third full on album appearance on the label by Kryshe who can be identified as one of the staples and pillars within the Serein roster. Presenting his new album as a roughly 41 minutes spanning ten track piece we see Christian Grothe, the man behind the Kryshe project, exploring a realm of sheer sonic beauty, presenting an ever flowing stream of soft Ambient pads and textures, accompanied by caressing slow low end movements as well as melancholia-inducing FutureJazz, dreamy, yet slightly kitsch-infused piano motifs leaning towards (Neo)Classical music whilst tunes like "Fragile" even present an innocent, rural and age old approach towards super naturalistic Folk vocals, amalgamated with modernist, beatless, yet highly defined electronic structures to a touching effect whereas "Fragile II" seems to reflect the more playful, tongue-in-cheek side of Grothe's musical work and "Nocturnal" is as classic as classic Ambient can be. Maybe the most Pop-oriented album on the label so far, without even delivering one single minute of Pop or mainstream oriented music at all.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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