Tuesday, January 28, 2020

2121 - Vol. 01 [2121-01]

Incoming only recently is this mysterious hand-cut, one-sided lathe-cut 12" released via the recently founded imprint 2121 which is about to come at the world's dancefloors with a series of releases which will only be manufactured on demand - a.k.a. whenever someone orders a specific release of theirs via their website. Running a strict 'no information' policy the label is rumoured to be the brainchild of a veteran producer wishing to create music without having to meet any expectations attached to his real name and well known aliases. This said, the first 12" of the new label is aiming straight at the heart of peaktime rave dancefloors, providing an excellent, expertly executed take on bouncy uptempo AcidTrance for those in the know, hypnotizing masses in strobe-lit and fogged out warehouses with carefully shifting modulations and a stripped down, yet uplifting vibe which combines todays production values with a certain 90s vibe, certainly reminiscent of alltime classics like Underworld's "Rez" and therefore is a record that's about to stand the test of time for a reason.


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