Thursday, January 16, 2020

Del Lumanta - Preparations [A Guide To Saints 028 Promo]

Put on the circuit on November 8th, 2k19 via the Australia-based cassette tape focused imprint A Guide To Saints is "Preparations", the latest album outing by Sydney's Del Lumanta. Split into two parts Del Lumanta presents "Preparations I - III" on the A-side, the artists first time dabblings in modular synthesis resulting in tense, cold and swirling explorations in sound, reflecting on Del Lumanta's journey through the sheer endless possibilities of modular, including ending up in certain dead ends and wild, sometimes random shifts of sonic direction in the first part whilst the series sequels present a more organized approach in terms of slowly floating, ever evovling streams of Ambient. Furthermore the flipside brings on "Last Days Of Rain", a roughly 17 minutes spanning improvisational recording of pure and beauteous, more crystalline nature exploring the cascading areas in between Ambient and IDM paired with a touching, well emotional and harmonic take on sawtooth bass modulation which makes the B-side of this underground tape release a clear winner from our perspective. Check.


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