Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Renaud-Gabriel Pion feat. Bill Frisell, Michel Massot, Jean-Paul Dessy... - Spiritus [Radiofrance Editions / Signature]

Well, every once in a while a music writer / music critic comes across an album, reads the accompanying press info, can't make any sense of it, reads it again and goes 'DAFUQ?' - in capital letters. This is what happened for us with "Spiritus", the latest longplay effort created by the French composer Renaud-Gabriel Pion alongside a bunchload of other musicians, released via Radiofrance Editions / Signature on September 27th, 2k19. Apart from the vague information that this album is somewhat inspired by what the info sheet calls 'sacred and post-minimalist music' named info sheet is utterly useless and so we're solely stuck with the pure sound to wrap our mind around - a 14 tracks and 71 minutes spanning journey touching base with both Classical and (Neo)Classical music as well as a deep unadulterated innocence and naturalism, bits of quality Jazz, yearning romanticism and kitsch alongside an unquestionable talent for score'esque, slowly moving  arrangements which could be a suitable pick for sentimental films with regional backgrounds, especially those covering a combination of love, hardship and life in the mostly unperturbed wilderness of the mountains, whilst always going for a comforting feel of free sonic convertibility, pure scene driven functionality and lack of a distinct character, even with more dramatic pieces like "Irisation" or "Lutenist", and therefore balancing the line of Muzaq, score works, Production / Library Music, Ambient and Easy Listening in a very and well specific manner. File under: Non Music. Ghost Music. The fading echo of what music meant to be. And a fascinating case study. Intredasting.

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