Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Rafael Toral - Constellation In Still Time [Room40 Promo]

Released as an extended, 72 minutes spanning one track album via the Australian imprint Room40 is "Constellation In Still Time", a longplayer composed by Portuguese artist Rafael Toral based on an earlier, 1992-composed piece named "AER 7". Played and performed by a group of six musicians including Rafael Toral himself "Constellation In Still Time" is split into a total of six seamlessly interwoven parts, minimalistically meandering within the grey area to be found in between Ambient, Post-PostRock and Pop Ambient, creating a hovering, secluded space within the space time continuum, with each single note fading out more or less uninterrupted on a tender, slowly evolving non-repetetive exploration of sound. A spatial longplay piece solely focused on the undisturbed crystalline vastness of the sonic realm, highly recommended for headphone listening sessions. Check.


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