Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Boddhi Satva - Boddhi Satva 18 [BBE Music]

Scheduled for release via BBE Music on March 20, 2k20 is "Boddhi Satva 18", the forthcoming 2xCD anniversary album marking the eighteenth year in the business for the Central African Republic born DJ, producer, remixer, label head and overall whirlwind within the House music scene with a selection of 16 tracks, collaborations and remix works - many of them under the beloved Ancestral Soul moniker - reflecting on the current state of sound of the man himself. With House Music as the foundation for Boddhi Satva's sonic musings and, more specific DeepHouse being one of the pillars of his work ever since, tunes like the chill, hypnotic and somewhat balearic opener "Bria's Offering" set the tone for things to come with loose tribal rhythms, endless grooves and even a yearning electric guitar perfectly blending in to the mix whilst "Belma Belma", a collaboration with Maalem Hamman caters proper percussive peak time intensity to the sets of any advanced House Music selecta and connaisseur out there with driving rhythm stabs and captivating African chants whereas the "Big Theme" causes havoc on both TechHouse- and ElectroHouse-floors with its intense, siren'esque strings and distinctly crunched synth motif and the 'Ancestral Soul Mix' of DJ Pippi vs Danny Marquez feat. Marcel fuses deep Jamaican wisdom with anthemic, organic House Music for a massive win. On Disc 2 Boddhi Satva's collaboration with vocalist Yuba weighs in more peaktime Ragga House vibes for heaving dancefloors, his 'Ancestral Soul Mix' for Jay Tripwire's "Into The Shadows" is on a well spaced out, deep and dubby TechHouse tip whereas V's "Born Again (Boddhi Satva & Mr. V Retouch)" provides a perfect example of Mr. Satva's long standing work and business relationship with Mr. Louie Vega a.k.a. Mr. V - resulting in a super smooth, slick take on high quality DeepHouse for those in the know, just to name a few of our favorite cuts on this album. Check.


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