Saturday, February 08, 2020

Stephane Roy - L'Inaudible [Empreintes Digitales]

Released only recently via the 1990-established imprint Empreintes Digitales is "L'Inaudible", the third full lenght album effort by Montreal-based composer Stephane Roy. Working on the acousmatic side of things we see Roy presenting a selection of seven pieces on this longplayer, all created within the past twelve years with some being finished in multiple sessions spread over several years. Opening with "Maelström" the first step of the musical journey is a twisted, whirling and grinding piece built from cold digital Noize eruptions regularly, yet irregularly bending, twisting and interrupting tender, and partly dramatic, Ambient atmospheres in a collage'esque manner whereas the "Train D'Enfer" brings tension in form of dark, brooding atmospheres and various scraping, clanging metal pieces before the subsequent triplet of "Section 1 - 3" provides a perfectly intense, nerve-wrecking score of sorts for your favorite underground psycho horror flic out of the 60s or 70s. "Les Aurores Pourpres" first sees Stephane Roy on a fragile, ethereal Deep Listening Music tip, slowly progressing from a minimalist approach into large scale drama with hefty sonic masses grinding and shifting within the stereo field before making way for spatial sparseness once again, "Les Territoires Secrets" caters cold, quivering and somewhat retrofuturist Ambient pulses which are evoking echoes of memories of very early Oval works and other intense, experimental Deep Listening adventures of the late 90s alongside various background rumblings, sounds of pouring liquids and short percussive eruptions before the final cut named "Voices Crepusculaires" ventures off into solemn Dark Ambient territories with a certain cut-up twist paired with (Neo)Classical influences to provide a closing for a well meandering, varied and close to indescribable journey into one of the most experimental spheres of the electronic music scene in terms of compositional approach.

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