Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Stein Urheim - Downhill Uplift [Hubro Music]

Fresh on the ever active Norwegian imprint that is Hubro Music is "Downhill Uplift", the sixth full longplay effort for the label created by guitar player Stein Urheim, once again a solo effort realized with the help of fellow Nordic musicians. Rolled out over the course of seven tracks and a total of roughly 37 minutes playtime Urheim and his fellow musicians enter, not unlike to the albums predecessor "Utopian Tales", a dreamlike sonic state touching base both with hazy Americana, echoes of Jazz and a well-dosed portion of Easy Listening, led by twangy guitars, Stein Urheim's very own voice as well as obvious influences taken from 70s Psychedelia, hot vintage American summers, extended jam sessions and Country Music for highway adventures. Now, who's up for directing an actual road movie using "Downhill Uplift" as an exclusive soundtrack? We'd watch this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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