Friday, February 14, 2020

Daspo - Samenreis [Setola Di Maiale]

Put on the circuit via the Italian avant-garde record label Setola Di Maiale is "Samenreis", the first ever collaborational mini album installation created by Davide Palmentiero and Giuseppe Pisano. Consisting of five tracks recorded and produced in an anechoic chamber located in Utrecht, Netherlands the album spans a little more than a total of 20 minutes, with the opener "Overvecht" leading into a realm of pure sound, bringing forward a floating, time-defying Ambient attitude paired with highly digital crackles, rumbles and morphings as well elements related to genres like Clicks'n'Cuts whereas "Lorentzweg" is leaning into a solemn, yet partly brooding and somewhat ritualistic direction with its mystical atmosphere and gong-like intro sequence as well as surprisingly tender PostRock / Post-PostRock resembling guitars appearing around halfway through the tracks playtime. The subsequent "Hollandsche Rading" employs interesting and well hypnotizing reprocessed violin pulses for an intro and pairs them with structures reminiscent of both Tangerine Dream / Klaus Schulze and some more experimental Pink Floyd cuts, "Oudegracht" seemingly follows a more twangy, collage'esque pathway whilst playing around with dreamy guitars, Found Sounds, Field Recordings and certain influences taken from Musique Concrete before "Schiphol" weighs in the duos most intense, droning and fever'ish musical outing on this release, caterings a dark bass drone, intense outerworldly eruptions and ghostly noises as a spine-tingling amalgamation of kinda score'esque UnAmbient quality. File under: Deep Listening Music.

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