Saturday, February 15, 2020

Large Unit Fendika - Ethiobraz [PNL Records 049]

Released on December 13th, 2k19 via the ever active, highly experimental PNL Records label run by Paal Nilssen-Love is "Ethiobraz", the latest album outing created by Large Unit Fendika, a new mutation of the Large Unit-unit which is joined by no-one less than Terrie Ex for this longplayer, longtime standing music activist in his own right as well as expert and overall hub when it comes to the music scene of Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian dance / music ensemble Fendika. This knowledge in conjunction with Paal Nilssen-Love's love for the music of Brazil lays the foundation for this album, a multinational crossover attempt to fuse music from both countries within ten tracks played, performed and shaped by a total than more than 20 - sic!!! - contributing members of the ensemble in the live context of 2018's Molde Jazz Festival where the different influences merged perfectly and instantaneously, creating powerful Jazz-lead AfroBeat pieces like "Anbessa", hard hitting AfroFunk cuts like "Fluku" or high octane PowerJazz for well groovy dancefloors worldwide, best represented in the tongue-cheek over the top piece "Shellele" which could be easily used to accompany an action-laden chase and escape scene in a classy, long forgotten espionage flic of sorts and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on "Ethiobraz" for a reason. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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