Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pericopes+1 - Up [Losen Records]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian imprint Losen Records is "Up", the third full on album piece put together by the multi-national, cross-continental and ever touring trio named Pericopes+1, a musical triumvirate comprised of Emiliano Vernizzi, Alessandro Sgobbio and Nick Wight. Amalgamating their personal take on the combination of saxophone, fender rhodes, piano, drums and the occasional electronic textures in a total of nine pieces spread over the course of roughly 61 minutes Pericopes+1 present a touching, highly emotional and sometimes a little over the top approach to oftentimes romantic, partly kitsch-driven Jazz from the opener "Wonderland" onwards, get into beat complex, uptempo territories with cuts like "Disco Gagarin" and even drift off into a hyper-harmonic dream state with "The Earth's Shape" before sculpting a captivating, slightly tongue-in-cheek instant classic with "Danza Di Kuwa" and even cater somewhat of a Rock-leaning vibe in Jazz with the smooth yet muscular "Martyrlied" which is quite a thrilling, expressive one for a reason just to pick a few cuts from this recommended lomgplay piece. A whirlwind of an album, this.


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