Monday, March 23, 2020

The Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar - Apocalypse Across The Sky [Zehra 002 Promo]

Re-issued via the imprint named Zehra on March 6th, 2k20 and available on vinyl for the first time ever 28 years after its initial release back in 1992 is "Apocalypse Across The Sky", the Bill Laswell-recorded musical journey into ancient sufism and musical traditions reaching back thousands and thousands of years into a past unknown. And even though this description might seem mystical and mythical to some it exactly fits the music provided by The Master Musicians Of Jajouka over the course of more than an hour - intense, multi-layered polyrhythms, oriental flutes and woodwind instruments bringing forth a trance-inducing, ritualistic and fever'ish intensity as well as a never changing, yet ever significant timelessness connecting us beings of now with the gods of our ancestors through music, opening a gate into otherwise inaccessible realms of the subconscious. A well intriguing experience, especially in these times of trouble.


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