Sunday, March 01, 2020

Laurent Perrier & David Fenech - Plateforme #3 [Bam Balam Records 069 Promo]

Released via Bam Balam Records on February 24th, 2k20 is the third instalment of Laurent Perrier's "Plateforme"-series in which the French artist creates music solely based on recordings sent in by a collaborating composer / musician. Teaming up this time with the, also French, Musique Concrete-leaning David Fenech the result of this conceptual approach are two extended compositions both hitting the 18+ minutes mark in terms of playtime. With "Plateforme #3.1" the result is a brooding, somewhat fever'ish and ritualistic piece of ever so slighty changing Tribal / FutureTribal featuring several layers of hypnotic percussions, droning, spiralling low ends as well as expertly crafted background string atmospheres for post-apocalyptic sunsets before evolving and turning into thrilling Deep Space Ambient soundscapes around mid-track whereas "Plateforme #3.2" weighs in a tender, subaquatic Ambient feel at first before switching gears towards the exploration of percussive, yet minimalist modular sequences accompanied by a sweet, simple and seductive, sort of retrofuturist motif and eerie, dreamlike and spatial ever shifting high frequency sound waves. 


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