Friday, February 28, 2020

Check Test Check - Half Laboratory - Half Band [Umland Records 030]

Fresh on the Essen-based label Umland Records is "Half Laboratory- Half Band", the imprints latest collective multi-artist outing featuring many members of the group named The Dorf, one of the core projects within the polylayered Umland-universe. Sporting the subline '10 People From The Dorf Exploring Complex Compositions' on the back cover this is exactly what one goes in for with this roughly 47 minutes spanning album, be it in the ever repetetive, yet ever so slightly changing main motifs of the opener "Helmet", the thrilling, scenic Jazz Noir minimalisms of  "Pell-Mell" or even the deep funky FutureJazz bassline to be found in the albums main piece "Dark", all and ever fused and entangled with an approach of FreeJazz  / Experimental Jazz, Improv and explorative experimentation which is about to lead to bigger, better and even more complex things when The Dorf comes together for their next full on session. And there's more to explore than just these three examples so each and every Jazz fan out there needs to have this on this months personal checklist.
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