Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Various Artists - Söng Söng: Polychrome Sounds Frome The Underground [Linoleum Records 020]

Scheduled for release via Linoleum Records on March 27th, 2k20 is the slightly confusing compilation album "Söng Söng: Polychrome Sounds From The Underground" which seemingly is meant to provide a fourteen track sample of / introduction to the labels past and future catalogue but has its tracklist set up in a way that makes finding out who's the exact artist and what's context of each song more of a guessing game than an easy task to handle, even with the accompanying promotional flyer and an extensive press info at hand. This being said, cuts like the Spoken Word meets scintillating TripHop / Downbeat fusion "Talking To Malkovitch" will be a fine addition to the collections of lovers of relaxed, laid back, yet mesmerizing Urban Music, "Le Voyage Improbable De L'Insonable Haruki" amalgamates complex, Broken Beat-based Jazz and poetry whereas "Looking At Kuniga" indulges in romantic, melancholia-driven Jazz Noir meets Leftfield Pop / Chanson to a great effect. Furthermore "Kieyukumono Yukurito" follows a piano-led uptempo path into territiories of Space Jazz, ClubPop and Dope Noir, the "Funeral Blues" provides dramatic, hyperemotional Score Jazz and "Cold Water Buffalos" bring on swinging sax improvisations with an undeniable dancefloor focus just to pick a few well remarkable titles off of this interesting, widely varied compilation. Time to check out the rest of the music released on Linoleum Records.


Anonymous Vincent Shell said...

Excellent ! Where will it be possible to get a copy ?

4:32 PM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

i guess ordering from the label is an option to consider. ask them about it. a link to their website is included in this review, just click on the 'linoleum records' in the text.
due to the corona virus craze a lot of music distribution chains are delayed or halted right now as a lot of stores are closed these days, therefore i'd see this as a recommendation to contact the label for infos on where to get it.

4:52 PM  

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