Saturday, March 21, 2020

T.U. - Rite [False Industries 028 Promo]

Released via Berlin-based label False Industries on February 28th, 2k20 is "Rite", the actual seven track debut album by Italian artist T.U..  Influenced by his background in Classical Music and working in Max For Live electronically the young composer presents a cold and frosty take on experimental electronic music / Death Ambient in combination with reprocessed Field Recordings in the opener "His Ground" before "Thallophyta" enters the highly digital realm of slightly blurred Clicks'n'Cuts atmospheres in conjunction with sculpted percussive bits, brooding bass waves and dubbed out Electronica alongside a well thought out use and abuse of the stereo field in terms of the tunes arrangement. "For A Ritual" brings on desolate, isolationist digital scrapings in combination with more deadly subs and icy, terrifiyng and surely threatening sound design whilst "Imaginery Landscape No 2" builds up the sci-fi-leaning illusion of hostile exoterrestrial worlds beyond our reach and "A Safe Place" seems to be the place for unspoken of rituals and deep, inward looking medidation. The subsequent "Imaginery Landscape No 3" presents a grinding maelstrom of digital noises and distortion as an intro followed, once again, by field recorded winds accompanied by metallic scrapings and a frosty eruption of midrange desolation whilst the concluding "Yellow.", for the first time in this entire album, introduces real harmonies and a sense of Ambient layerings for a closing. Sonic greyscale in high definition.


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