Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Various Artists - Zoom In 13: New Art Music From Lithuania [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Put out on the circuit via the famed Music Information Centre Lithuania - a label and organisation focused on putting the ever active Lithuanian scene of (Neo)Classical, Contemporary Classical and Experimental Composition on the map - in December, 2k19 is "Zoom In 13: New Art Music From Lithuania", the 13th installment in the 'Zoom In' compilation series which provides an overview on contemporary developments within the countries named circles. Solely putting a spotlight on compositions written and executed in 2018 this new edition presents a total of six pieces, clocking in at over an hour of playtime. Starting with Egidija Medeksaite's "Sattva" we're diving deeply into a most beautiful, yet most yearning and later on dramatic world of accordion driven DarkAmbient highly recommended to those loving the works of Kallabris whilst Albertas Navickas "Sunrise Of The West" keeps things on an Ambient-resembling level despite following a more positive, scenic and naturalistic path compared to its predecessor before even introducing a captivating Classical vocal performance by singer Egle Sirvydyte which seems to hark back to ancient folklore and stories of yore. Furthermore Ramunas Motiekaitis "Katabasis" presents a light-heartened angle of composition both influenced by early score works and slightly off kilter Ambient / PopAmbient - think: Wolfgang Voigt - and the subsequent piece "The Perseids" by Goda Marija Guzauskaite also follows a similar musical approach whilst leaning towards romanticism and undisturbed naturalistic beauty even more. In Rutas Vitkauskaite's "Chrysalis" ritualistic, playful percussions and frolicking melodies are blossoming like a gargantuan set of spring flowers in a dramatic timelapse before the composition makes a 180 degree turn only to present a thundering, grinding and threatening array of  ever shifting sonic material leading towards a well unexpected climax whilst the concluding piece that is Ziboukle Martinaityte's "Millefleur" waves goodbye in a calmer, yet still spine-tingling panoramic fashion. Someone should defo consider hiring each of the composers featured for score works in the feature film industry. Good stuff.

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