Monday, April 13, 2020

Dr. NoiseM - Black Noise 03: Stunde 0/I [Dr. Noisem Tapes]

Put on the circuit in late March, 2k20 is part three of Dr. NoiseM's 'Black Noise' series, an irregular sequence of lathe cut releases on his very own imprint Dr. Noisem Tapes, each limited to 10 - sic... - hand-numbered copies worldwide. With "Black Noise 03: Stunde I/0" the prolific artist once again proves his love for excursions into vantablack sonic realms no-one else has explored before and only the headstrong are able to survive. Drilling, droning midrange madness meets grinding, threatening low end pulses, hefty, unexpected space sweeps and rapid, unannounced changes in the tunes dynamic range alongside hostile, ever brooding atmospheres sonically depicting the deadly environments of exoterrestrial acid swamps and desolate nuclear wastelands for those who know. Dark.

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