Friday, May 29, 2020

Divus - Divus 2 [Boring Machines]

Incoming from the Italian label Boring Machines only recently is "Divus 2", the March 2k20 released sophomore album by Rome-based duo Divus which is comprised of saxophone player Luca T. Mai and electronic music producer Luciano Lamanna. Together, the two artists create a tense, somewhat subaquatic soundscape over the course of seven untitled tracks - leading the way with a fascinating opener and introduction to the projects specific sonic realm defined by oftentimes swampy, fully immersed and partly subdued electronic textures in combination with emotional, touching, yet also slightly reprocessed saxophone motifs which are somewhat connected to what might be identified as Jazz Noir whilst heavier pieces are leaning towards a realm of dark Unformatted Industrial Techno / Broken Techno garnished with unusual, yet enthralling sax phrasings whereas others even drift off into hypnotic JazzDub with an Illbient twist - especially talking about B1 here which, albeit short, turns out to be our favorite cut on this well interesting and therefore recommended album. Go check. 


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