Thursday, May 07, 2020

Niels Gordon - Land [Lamour Records 108 Promo]

Incoming from the Swedish imprint Lamour Records without any further additional press info or release date set is Niels Gordon's "Land", a presumably forthcoming album piece which explores eight organic, yet vintage-leaning electronic soundscapes over the course of a total 44 minutes playtime. Reviewing this album only a day after the untimely passing of Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider recognizing similarities between Gordon's compositions and the harmonic, playful and oftentimes friendly, all embracing harmonies employed by the pioneering German band outfit is pretty much inevitable, especially with the soft, neon gloom of the opener "Im Park", the cascading joy brought to us by the uplifting Electro cut "Inner Ground" or the retrofuturist (Neo)Cosmic dancefloor greatness employed in "Voyage Dans Le Nuit" whilst "Hello" indulges in slightly off-kilter Synth movements which send us straight back to the 70s within seconds. The follow up "Outer Grounds" is nothing short of a blueprint for beauteous Synth Ambient composition, "Ohrnacht (Am See)" reveals a somewhat romantic angle to Niels Gordon's synth works before "Woodlands" indulges in more kraftwerk'esque beauty - think: "Neonlights" with a more melancholic twist and hidden nods to Blondie's "Atomic" - whereas the concluding "Tides" finally gravitates towards dreamy inward looking synth dreams of a neon sunset emulation. File under: Excellent timeless retrofuturism.


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