Sunday, July 05, 2020

Angelo Olivieri - Other Colors [Aut Records 060]

Released via Berlin's Aut Records on April 13th, 2k20 is Angelo Olivieri's "Other Colors" album - a nine track and 44 minutes spanning affair the Italian trumpet player realized alongside fellow musicians Antonio Jasevoli, Lorenzo Feliciati and Bruce Ditmas. Dealing with his personal perception of color blindness / color vision deficiency and therefore his different perception of the world as whole compared to the majority of the population and a likeliness of also being affected by sonic synesthasia as well it's not only the colourful, multilayered album artwork speaking volumes but also the combination of instruments - trumpet, electric guitar, electric bass and drums - that is unusual and unique, telling tales about Olivieri's specific approach towards music and composition. Setting the tone with the soft, dreamlike and somewhat blurred out and Easy Listening- / Exotica-leaning "Vashkar" which is as well garnished with elements of PostRock and Psychedelic Rock whereas the subsequent "Gentleman" introduces Jazz Noir with a well score'esque late night vibe to the mix before "Dialogue N.1" weighs in thundering drum rolls and a classic, yet complex take on Jazz. Dealing with the alltime staple that is "The House Of The Rising Sun" sees the quartet on a way Delta Blues-infused tip for their captivating interpretation, the title track "Other Colours" weighs in deep melancholia and somewhat of a blues-y sunset vibe as well and "Dialogue N.2" takes fever'ish SpaceJazz into a subdued subaquatic realm to a great effect. "Lonely Woman" follows a similar lane, yet leaning more towards a slow motion take on Jazz Noir, "Dialogue N.3" once again indulges in deep Jazz melancholia with echoes of echoes of a TexMex / Americana twist and so does the final cut dubbed "Ida Lupino" for a closing. Recommended.

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