Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Fuse Box City - Shipwreckers [Weeping Prophet Records Promo]

Lined up for release via Weeping Prophet Records on July 31st, 2k20 is "Shipwreckers", the debut album by freshly formed London-based band outfit Fuse Box City who're lining out their sonic vision within five song tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 35 minutes. Following the idea of turning an entire House into a recording studio with each individual member placed in a room seperate from the others and recorded with the help of Eddie Stevens the five piece band presents a well unique, dark'ish and somewhat Dada-infused musical language surely influenced by post-apocalyptic science-fiction, electronics and heavily distorted guitar layers as well as a certain funkiness, all mixed up with ethereal vocals and atmospheres, cut-ups, noisey feedbacks, Industrial / (No)Wave and echoes of echoes of certain early 90s Alternative Rock bands - yet in a partly lo-fi and certainly more Avantgarde-leaning manner. Imagine the catalogue of labels like Dhyana Records with bands like Onq or Deep being invlvd in a sonic orgy with Garbage, Babylon Zoo, Yello, Everything But The Girl and Superorganism to produce a lovechild whilst both AfroFunk, German New Wave and the Ingenious Dilettantes movements are providing highly eclectic rhythm signatures as a backing. Sounds weird? Well... this is what it is. And drugs.


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