Thursday, July 23, 2020

Gintas K - Amnesia [GK Rec. 003]

Coming in straight from Lithuania these days is "Amnesia", the new longplay outing released by the ever active experimental composer Gintas Kraptavicius a.k.a. Gintas K as 003 of his very own label GK Rec.. Put on the circuit on July 14th, 2k20 as a limited edition run of 300 copies worldwide the 44 minutes spanning one track album sees the artist exploring the most hyperdigital realm within experimental electronic music composition, fusing an ever buzzing array of greyscale Noize eruptions, unsettling low-end rumblings alongside constantly morphing, well nervous - and for some: nerve-wrecking - glitches with soft, ethereal background harmonies as well as ground up, broken down remainders of melodic events, pure HarshNoize / DigiNoize sequences, space bleeps, uncanny rhythm signatures and a general feel of a total sonic information overload. If genres like Clicks'n'Cuts and creative programming environments like Max/MSP are close to your heart, this album might appeal to your tastes even though providing a well demanding and challenging experience even for deeply schooled listeners of advanced electronic music.


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