Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dipace / Massaria / Gallo / Farao - Collera City [Aut Records 061]

Put out on the circuit via Berlin's Aut Records imprint is "Collera City", the first full length album collaboration by the quadruple of musicians consisting of Alberto Dipace, Andrea Massaria, Danilo Gallo and Ferdinando Farao. Recorded spontaneously and in an improvisational manner as a mourning over and tribute to the passed Cecil Taylor on April 8th, 2k18 the quartet dissected one of the musicians quotes - 'You practice so you can invent. Discipline? No. The joy of practicing leads you to to the celebration of of creation.' - into seven track titles with adding an additional "Thanks Cecil" in the end whilst instantly diving deep into a deep sonic realm defined by a touching, tender and emotional amalgamation of Space Jazz, DarkJazz and FutureJazz of varying tempos and intensity - with the lively, hypercomplex "So You Can Event" turning into an instant favorite within seconds -, yet always driven and coated by a certain class and raw latenight feel of air heavy with smoke and bourbon-infused aerosols, dark, wooden interior and a top drawer selection of quality drinks served which is even present in the albums wildest, most furious moments. We're in.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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