Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor - Pavilion [Unsounds 065]

Two musicians experimenting in the studio is one thing. Two musicians experimenting in the middle of an art installation whilst a stream of visitors is passing through is a totally different angle and approach. Yet this is the situation Yannis Kyriakides and Andy Moor were facing whilst setting up shop in Xavier Veilhan's 'Studio Venezia' pavilion at the the 2k17 57th Venice Art Biennale which has been boiled down into album format with their recently released "Pavilion" album which was put out on the shelves via Unsounds on June 15, 2k20. Based on a foundation built from a variety of electronic devices present in the installation context including Moog, Buchla and Vermona synthesizers the pair combines crisp, partly Clicks'n'Cuts leaning modular Electronica with raw, down-to-earth and somewhat Blues / DesertRock-infused guitar playing in the opening tune "Camera" only to drift off into fully experimental, yet warped and twisted loop territories with "Dedalo" before the subsequent "Concha" indulges in droning, desolate, fever'ish and well hypnotic Minimal PostRock / Desert Rock over the course of 9+ minutes and therefore probably is our favorite cut on this album by far. Furthermore "Diluvio" is in for eruptive guitar abuse and feedback experimentation in combination with swarm of myriads of tiny, ever buzzing and zigzagging modular robo(in)sects from the future, "Stropha", in its hollow, desolate and ever repetetive manner, evokes echoes of memories of Einstürzende Neubauten's "U-Haft Musik" fused with vibes prevalent in their 2000 album "Silence Is Sexy" whereas the final cut "Fossa" weighs in a good portion of brooding, dark'ish melancholia, droning strings and indifferent, blurred out, yet slightly unsettling electronic textures for a closing. We dig this. And you should, too.

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