Monday, August 10, 2020

Bluering Improvisers - Materia [Aut Records 066]

Released via Berlin-based label Aut Records on June 29th, 2k20 is "Materia", the new and well massive 22 track, 2CD and 100+ minutes spanning album outing by the large scale supergroup known as Bluering Improvisers, a collective aiming to cross boarders - both personally and sonically - and enter previously unexplored musical terrain throughout extensive research and practice. Drawing influences from Alberto Burri's work and methodological approach the album's journey starts on a dark and brooding, somewhat tense and droning tip with the scores'que (Neo)Classical piece "Preludio", drifts off into minimal DarkJazz hypermelancholia with the subsequent "Jula E Colore: Tre Evocazioni (Part 1)" only to evolve further towards a masterfully executed amalgamation of Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical and stripped down, oftentimes subdued yet expressive and complex (Free)Jazz / Improv over the course of the first album which even includes excessive, thundering electric guitar abuse in "Grande Sacco" as well as ghostly, danger heralding movements in pieces like "Ferro (Part 2)". With the additional second CD dubbed "Cretti" we get an additional glimpse into experimental solo exercises of each instrument involved in the production of this album, once again approaching borders of what's sonically possible and exploring beyond uncharted territories for the most part before catering a large scale crescendo in the 14+ minutes closing cut named "Cretto" before returning to deeper vibes with all elements and instruments falling together in one single place. If you're in for the long form, this is an album for you.

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