Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Pascal Comelade & Marc Hurtado - Larme Secrete [Klanggalerie]

Released via the long time standing Austrian label Klanggalerie on May 22nd, 2k20 is "Larme Secrete", the first time ever collaboration between two musical pioneers who've both been in the game for over 40 years respectively. On this album Pascal Comelade and Marc Hurtado churn out a total of eight cuts which defy any genre drawer, hauntingly meandering somewhat in between PostPunk, ghostly (No)Wave, elements of PostPunk, Industrial, Alternative- and ElectroRock with intense, hypnotizing cuts like the time-dissolving ten minutes spiral of "Infini", the dramatically trippin "Ete" evoking memories of Tangerine Dream's intense soundtrack works for "The Sorcerer" plus dark'ish, longing vocals whilst taking us by surprise with the highly emotional and touching, ever floating avantgarde piano outing "Or" whilst "Lamre" even goes down a more Psychedelia leaning lane just to name a few. If you do love band outfits like Tristesse Contemporaine or even the way more minimalist PostPunk-outings of Prinzhorn Dance School this album is a must have for sure. Not for the weak heartened or severely depressed, though.

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