Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Eivør - Segl [Absolute: / Sony / Universal]

Released on September 18th, 2k20 via Absolute: / Sony / Universal is "Segl", the sophomore album by Faroe-born, Copenhagen-based singer Eivør which we've already announced earlier this month with the video post for her well-dramatic Electronic Pop single "Let It Come". Known to a wider audience due to her contributions to the score of movies by no-one less than acclaimed director Scorcese as well as musical features in streaming hits like 'Homeland' and even 'Game Of Thromes' we see Eivør catering a total of twelve new songs on her latest album with two of them featuring guest artists like Einar Selvik and Icelandic singer Asgeir, providing a powerful take on touching, highly modernist and dramatic SynthPop-derivatives like the opening cut "Manasegl" which introduces her original Faroese mothertongue to a global audience with a bang whereas the subsequent cut "Sleep On It" aims straight at highly advanced dancefloors with echoes of echoes of hints of bass music, ethereal vocals and raw, mechanical and somewhat Industrial-sounding beat structures with a well special swing. Furthermore tunes like "Nothing To Fear" weigh in proper daytime radio potential with its somewhat 80s-leaning, yet unique and catchy vocal performance and highly emotional, hyperdense arrangements only broken up by masterly sculpted piano / voice sequences, "Skyscraper" reveals Eivør's abilities to carry a longing, intimate, vulnerable and outpouring ballad, "This City" harks back to highly seductive, slightly Future Pop-infused dancefloor power whilst "Stirdur Saknur" - our favorite just for the phonetic sound of the title alone, anyone willing to translate? - is as mystical, atmospheric and nordic as Eivør gets on this longplayer before the final cut "Gullspunnin" waves goodbye on a tender, more naturalistic, surely beautiful and somewhat melancholia inducing level just to name a few. Recommended for a reason. Get.


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