Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Bad Stream - Sonic Healing (For Marianne) [Antime 030 Promo]

Soon to be released via Martin Steer's Antime label is "Sonic Healing (For Marianne)", the new longplay outing of his project Bad Stream. Being by far the artists most personal album so far as the five tracks on this one are indeed dedicated to the healing process of a loved one we see Bad Stream once again explore a sonic realm of an experimental nature over the course of roughly 39 minutes, yet taking on things from a vastly different angle than we've heard in any of Bad Stream's previous works. Instead of delivering hard multilayered glitches and an abstract, yet intense sonic commentary on the (digital) state of society accompanied by (multi)media savvy plunderphonics and slightly disturbing cut-ups the Berlin-based producer caters an ever floating variation of an Ambient dream state with this one, employing classic, yet once again polyphonic genre techniques alongside a vast array of, partly processed, natural instruments like violin, piano, saxophone, bassoon etc. played by a long list of contributing artists whilst touching base with subaquatic Post-Jazz, PopAmbient and warm, friendly, curious, all and ever embracing  score works for a film genre yet to be invented, delivering things to love for Art Music connaisseurs, ChillOut heads and even followers of Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical music in certain sequences, yet providing a closed, inward looking unique musical universe and psychoacoustic mood board beyond any given genre drawer or attempt of categorization. A pure reflection of an artists soul.


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