Saturday, October 03, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2k20

01. Purple Disco Machine & Sophie And The Giants - Hypnotized [Sweat It Out 009]
This is a bang0r. Even though we're not the biggest fans of vocal-driven Romantic House / NuDisco or whatever one drawer one might file this tune in this one cut took our hearts by storm due to its super catchy vocal hookline and well seductive SynthPop meets IndieElectro attitude. A big hit which would be on daytime Pop radio rotation in a better world.

02. Footsie - Favours [Studio 55]
Heavyweight tings are gwaning. Footsie presents a full on 14 track album on his freshly launched imprint Studio 55, invites a plethora of big man dons for features including the ones like JME, Jammer, D Double E, P Money and others and caters nothing but an essential manifesto in Grime for 2k20, bringing back the darkness, grittiness and original crimescene vibe innate to the genre from its early days. No more words needed. This is a big ting including big hits like "Pepper And Stew", dark anthems like "Finesse" or "My Own Wave" as well as heavy tear out tunes like "Music Money" and many more. Get.

03. Shan - Tanzstuecke [Running Back]
Seems like we've disregarded Running Back as a label for way too long but this is gotta change as they've been providing some well exciting, and uplifting, cuts recently. The four tracks cooked up by Shan for this 12" release are somewhat meandering in between TechHouse, echoes of ElectroClash and ecstatic, high energy House whilst weighing in the ultimate joy and oftentimes over the top cheesyness associated with genres like ItaloDisco. In doing so they're surely getting the balance right and are able to put a smile on every punters face when played out over the course of a massive peak time set.

04. тпсб [Whities 031]
The last ever release by the Whities-label operating under the Whities name before they've changed their brand to AD 93 for at least debatable if not questionable reasons sees the cryptically named artist тпсб provide one of the most exciting IDM / Electronica / Intelligent Techno crossover 12"es in ages, drawing influences from Ambient, Breakbeats, (Future)Jungle and ChillOut alike to create a sonic realm worthy to be compared to early B12, Plaid or Future Sound Of London productions which still stand out by todays standards due to their unique, universal aesthetics and take on sonic story-telling without even tyring to fit into anyone's genre drawer. Beautifully organic, yet highly futuristic at the same time.

05. The Grid - Floatation *Special Request Remix [Chemical Alley]
So this is a surpise. Out of all Dance-oriented projects of the early 90s we'd never have thought of of The Grid resurfacing in 2k20 with a special remix crafted by Paul Woolford a.k.a. Special Request but this is exactly what happened with this special clear 12" vinyl which is limited to 1000 copies. Meandering in between Balearic, Ambient, ChillOut, additional layers of Field Recordings and truly 90s sounding Dope Beats this one provides a beautiful flashback to a time in which the electronic music scene and production still was innocent and operating on a free-floating level not bound to genre drawers and structural limitations. Lovely.

06. Unknown Artist [PUSS 20203]
So the mysterious PUSS imprint is back with another 10" outing and it seems they're a well reliable source for underground bootleg editions these days. Focusing on a raw, analog and slightly oldskool-leaning take on DeepHouse paired with a spiralling hint of (Neo)Cosmic as well as a well famous vocal snippet that has been making the rounds on the House Music circuit since day dot this one is a reliable companion for heaving late night sessions in more intimate club settings of the future.

07. Afflicted vs. THE D3VI7 - The Sound Of The New Season EP [Afflicted In Techno]
See review for details...

08. Dee-Cypher - Back To Your Love EP [Fresh Milk Records 001]
UK Garage is back and it's back big time. Yet, even more important to us is the fact that classic SpeedGarage is making a return, too, and therefore it is a delight to see Dee-Cypher taking on the original pumping sound of the past to provide a timeless and well classy blueprint for a bright, ecstatic future with all four tracks featured on this EP release. Tool'ish but hella exciting, this one.

09. Robag Wruhme - Speicher 115 [Kompakt Extra 115]
Y'all already know what's going on with this one. With "Calma Calma" we see Roba Wruhme cater a contemporary TechHouse / deep (Neo)Trance piece using and abusing the beloved vocals of the C'hantal classic "The Realm" and this is exactly what we're in for on this 12" for a reason.

10. Alasdair Roberts - Fretted And Indebted [Infinite Greyscale 014]
See review for details...


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