Tuesday, October 06, 2020

INRA - I Super Liked You By Mistake [Self-Released 003]

Put on the circuit as a self-released limited to 50 hand-numbered copies cassette tape single edition by the Berlin-based duo INRA is their latest musical outing dubbed "I Super Liked You By Mistake", a four track EP which hit the shelves - and probably: Bandcamp - on September 28th, 2k20. Most likely to be understood as a sonic commentary on the crooked and well obscure state of Tinder-dating in our modern digital society the four cuts on this soon to be sought after release explore a hollow, muffled and highly experimental realm seemingly influenced by collage'esque techniques, multi-layered (Post)-PostRock arrangements, echoes of echoes of Dub, Illbient, SpunkJazz and Electronica - all mixed and mingled in a slightly fever'ish, dreamlike and well psychedelic lo-fi fashion somewhat reminiscent of the Bavarian project H at times, at others more tense, brooding and claustrophobic and therefore well suitable as a soundtrack for these trouble times.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!


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