Sunday, October 04, 2020

Vilde & Inga - How Forests Think [Sofa Music]

Forthcoming on the Norwegian label Sofa Music and scheduled for release on October 16th, 2k20 is Vilde & Inga's "How Forests Think", the second longplay piece composed by the violin / double bass duo for the imprint. Bringing on an entire 15 tracks spanning extended 2CD album we see the two extraordinary musicians weighing in their experience as a ten years standing improvisational duo to fully explore the relationship between their music and their actual recording environment - both indoors and outdoors, in this case four different spaces for this specific album including a proper studio, a mausoleum, even the Oslo harbour as well as a lake in the forest. And even though the single recordings, all captured by French sound artist Benjamin Maumus, do not reveal their actual place of origin in particular one clearly does recognize a slight, or even bigger, shift in environmental acoustics and atmosphere both in processed and unprocessed parts of the recordings, especially in more experimental pieces which exceed the regular playing techniques of the instruments and provide a welcome addition to the calm, oftentimes inward looking solemn (Neo)Classical / Contemporary vibe the music of Vilde & Inga provides even though their improvisational approach does not follow standard notations or sheet scripts. One for focused, devout and repeated late night listening sessions, this. And highly recommended to Drone / Ambient lovers as well due to the even deeper, brittle, intimate and more Field Recordings-oriented second half of "How Forests Think" which actually reconnects anyone listener to nature, especially when consumed through headphones.

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