Saturday, October 24, 2020

Kasper Jonas Jensen - Plasma in DEX Garden [Clang 070 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the ever active Clang label on October 23rd, 2k20 is "Plasma In DEX Garden", the forthcoming nine track album by Danish artist / composer Kaspar Jonas Jensen. Inspired by complex blockchain technologies and their novel ways to produce real and imaginary value through processing data Jensen creates a dramatic and intense sound field from the first seconds of the UnAmbient opener "State Channels" onwards, a blurry state of spatial movements within the three-dimensional sonic field, with each track named after a certain technical term of block chain technology representing a state of sonic uncertainty and indifference, being a single individual, somewhat threatening and / or brooding mass of sound that just exists in a state of in-between, non-static yet non-moving or developing towards a certain identifiable goal or next evolutionary step, a droning non-drone, a cold, sci-fi leaning womb of warmth, a hovering cloud of outerworldly communication and signal processing when it comes to "Markle Trees", hazy ethereal harmonies in the "Main Network" as well as glacial developments detected in "Malicious Activity" as well as in the 11+ minutes spanning closing "Market Liquidity" just to name a few pieces here. Is DSA a thing yet? Read as: Data Stream Ambient.


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