Wednesday, October 21, 2020

User27465657783 - Streets EP [User Recordings 011 Promo]

User27465657783 is the next in a series of quasi anonymous artists to provide a new digital single on User Recordings, the "Streets EP". Opening with a take on "The Streets Of Vilnius By Night" we're exploring a nine minutes study of an Electro / Electronica / ChillOut fusion paired with beautifully floating positive Acid(Trance) modulations for long SpaceNight sessions whilst "To Sander (Edit)" weighs in a well haunted intro and spooky atmospheres accompanying a fast, surely R.A.V.E.-oriented HardTrance banger for absolute peaktime sets with its galopping hi-speed basslines and dark'ish synth modulations. A killer cut, this last one.


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