Sunday, October 18, 2020

TMUX - State Of Exception [False Industries 031 Promo]

Released via Berlin-based label False Industries as their 031 in the imprints 10th year on the circuit is "State Of Exception", the debut album for TMUX which is the latest brainchild and musical guise employed by False Industries-mastermind Yair Etziony. Heavily influenced by the still ongoing COVID-19 situation and quarantine whilst drawing inspiration from his former DJ career which started in the 90s on a diet of bass heavy Breakbeat-infused music and beyond the nine track album starts with a great, well familiar vocal sample leading into the opener "Hand Disinfection" which amalgamates Deadbeat-like Dubstep beats with brooding basslines and a slow motion Future Jungle attitude before "Dead Skin" gives way to overwhelming, slightly breathing Dark Ambient structures and "Lockdown" is in for a dark, atmospheric take on apocalyptic Breakbeat Phonk whilst evoking memories of the complexity of Drum'n'Bass productions catered by the likes of Photek, Source Direct or the No U-Turn crew back in the golden 90s. The follow up "Stay Safe" sees Etziony exploring an intense, cold and futuristic Ambient realm, "Metropolis" is as lively, chromatic and buzzing as a big city should be 24/7/365 and "A Place Where There Is No Darkness" presents a skeletal, pitched down version of what was once known as Dark Garage with its ever morphing bass lines, extended breakdowns and spine-tingling vocal samples. Furthermore "The New Normal" immediately sets future dancefloors in motion with a combination of stripped down swing beats, beautiful atmospheric layerings and overwhelming, all embracing raw vintage basslines, "State Of Exception" is a blueprint for yearning, cinematic Ambient Noir with a late night twist and the final cut that is "Umwelt" amalgamates Industrial Bass riddim madness with deep, more Electronica-leaning melodic elements to a great effect whilst also rocking advanced club settings throughout the wee hours. Recommended.


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