Monday, October 19, 2020

Hi-RYZE - Bitter Pill [Yozmaz Productions 010]

Coming in from straight from Ipswich / UK these days is the "Bitter Pill" EP which is the latest sonic recipe cooked up by long standing Techno producer Dave Campbell for his Hi-RYZE alias, once again released via Yozmaz Productions which is the main outlet for his music under several guises these days. Opening with "I Need (People)" we see Campbell fusing playful and well friendly bleep melodies, seductive vocal samples and complex, intertwining string / pad sections to create a pumping piece of well uplifting Intelligent Techno / UK Techno crossover on A1 whilst the subsequent title track "Bitter Pill" weighs in more of a jacking, Chicago-leaning and track'ish attitude for heaving late night crowds, presumably best fitting for semi-legal underground basement parties of sorts. Flipping the wax to "Incantation" provides dark'ish, stumbling low-end clonks as well as a powerful stomping drum foundation for a filtered, minimal and 'troity main synth motif unfolding before "Track N Trace" rounds things off with an exploration of 808-heavy slo-mo Electro realms whilst crossing over into IDM territories with beautifully sculpted melodic bass movements and more detailed melodic interminglings for advanced ChillOut floors. Proper good, this.


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