Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Summer Of Seventeen - Summer Of Seventeen [Karlrecords 081 Promo]

One realizes that one lives in troublesome times when bands and projects refer to catastrophic events as a major influence for their most recent album outings. With this in mind we'd say the forthcoming self-titled longplay debut of the American band outfit Summer Of Seventeen is at least the third, if not fourth, album we've reviewed over the course of the last months which draws inspiration from major devastating wildfires occuring throughout their production, oftentimes in close proximity to their place of recording. Set for release via Karlrecords on October 23rd, 2k20 the eight tracks and 41 minutes spanning firstling is harking back to the wildfire events in Washington state in the summer of 2k17 - hence the name Summer Of Seventeen - and sees the five piece band including Drone / Dark Ambient composer Daniel Menche alongside other well known names set out for an apocalyptic journey in sound, a dense, droning and ever alarming maelstrom of Dark Ambient textures accompanied by slo-mo feedback sequences, clanging metal pieces of well unsettling nature, desolate Post-PostRock / Desert Blues guitars, distorted, demonic Grindcore screamings, outerworldly, yet warped ecclesiastical choirs, subdued Rhythm Industrial, whipping electrical short circuits, barely audible whispers and a feel of immanent doom and horror which is not to be force fed to the faint hearted for a reason. This is the beautifully dark soundtrack for traumatic nightmares.


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