Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Jordan Nobles - Chiaroscuro [Redshift Records]

Coming in from Toronto / Canada only recently is "Chiaroscuro", the latest - and ninth - full length album put on the circuit by Vancouver-based composer Jordan Nobles. Released via Redshift Records on July 1st, 2k20 the album features two tracks - the 2k20-revisited and originally 2014-composed "Chiaroscuro" and the 1998 piece "Pulses". Opening with the 30 minutes spanning title cut which, alike the follow up, is brought to life with the help of a nearly orchestra-sized plethora of performers and vocalists the listener is immediately drawn into a slightly hazy, chiming, time dissolving and retrofuturist sonic cloud of sorts, hovering and floating two feet above the ground like the manifestation of an interdimensional being, a nebula of consciousness which somehow takes us back to the very early days of science-fiction on screen - think: the acclaimed German series 'Raumpatrouille Orion' or the very first season of 'Star Trek' - whilst providing a deep listening experience for both lovers of score as well as rich, slowly moving, yet ever evolving Ambient music despite being of Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical nature and featuring no synthesizers or computational devices. Furthermore "Pulses" weighs in a livelier, more rhythmic and most of all spiralling, highly dynamic approach presenting a steady, playful ebb and flow not only moving in sonic density and intensity but seemingly approaching and retreating from the listener in an imaginery / psychoacoustic 3D realm to a well fascinating effect adding an additional element to the beauty of the intriguing (Neo)Classical composition itself. Recommended.


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